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A TV series is more a cinematic quality product which is presumed in antiquity. It is characterized by having a plot unit itself and with continuity, at least in the field, between episodes within it. The main feature that defines a TV series is that each chapter is an independent narrative unit, achieving continuity between episodes through the characters, settings and themes, should be distinguished from the television series, which leave open the plot for the next episode. Although the concepts are mixed, there television series considered as television series for quality, production process, how to program, invoice, and other factors. Usually fiction series are much more expensive than serial, as they are designed to cover a space television prime time, ie, the largest audience, while serials are intended for time zones audience levels minors. It is therefore the television series are scheduled once a week, at cost, while the serial can be programmed daily.

Screensavers of TV series

tv series Screensavers

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There are different types of television series. Called sitcoms (Sitcom in English) is a series in which each capitulu lasts 20 to 40 minutes, the scenarios are limited, one or two and almost always indoors because they are recorded in attendance. The most famous was Sitcom "Friends" Soap operas or series longhaul its chapters are those that last about 60 minutes, although in Spain, Argentina and other Latin countries, the duration of these chapters reaches 90 min, have many scenarios, indoor and outdoor and your theme is from drama and comedy. Teleseries are typical Grey's Anatomy, CSI: Miami, Lost or True Blood. The miniseries are halfway between the TV series and TV movies. They usually have three episodes of 90 minutes' duration.