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Waterfalls are geological formations resulting from the current flow of water from a river that has to save a drop, like a mountain, a gorge, a cliff, etc.. Water falls in large quantities and is a natural phenomenon that has much beauty, everybody likes the images of these waterfalls. Torrents are those who do not have a usual way and that form during the rainy seasons. Natural water drops to put on your monitor when you\'re not working, to protect your computer while having a nice scene of a nature landscape. The waterfalls are natural scenes where large amounts of water fall to save a drop, may occur in lakes, rivers, seas, streams, etc.. The scene of the fall of a great mass of water is a unique natural landscape and are places where tourists go to see them millions. A typical visit to the places where they occur, and there are some that are wonders of nature and attract millions of visitors.

Screensavers of Waterfalls

waterfalls Screensavers

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