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United States of America is the most important country in the world, is a leader in economic, political and cultural. Everyone has many references to this country, who control the entertainment, with the television series and movies that have made ​​it very recognizable everything about them. This country consists of 48 states and Washington D. C., the district capital. It has the largest national economy in the world. The flag of the United States, called the Stars and Stripes is a world-renowned symbol, being the world's most popular flag.

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American Screensavers for fans of this great country, world power politically and economically. It is also called the United States, U.S. or U.S. or generically American. U.S. United States of America. National Symbols and American traditions, as the national holiday July 4, its flag, the eagle, the president of the United States, the White House, etc.. Patriotism of the United States of America, because they are a country that loves its symbols and cultural and patriotic Americans. The Americans have emblems we all know, such as Statue of Liberty, Washington, New York, Manhattan, Los Angeles, etc.. Screensavers Patriotic. It is a very militaristic, so we have in our collection related files with the army and the military. To travel is a very how for its great road routes and airlines, is very famous Route 66 that runs through the country side to side. The most populous American cities are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Austin, Columbus and others. The total population exceeds 300 million.