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Surely you know the Vans footwear trademark, used by all skaters in the world. With this screensaver we wanted to let you know the most urban face of Vans shoes, with a pair of his shoes while we watching some skateboarders doing tricks and stunts on their skateboards. In 1970 Paul Van Doren competed in the athletic footwear industry with trainers for baseball, basketball or wrestling. He got many succeed with his models in great acceptance, and their footwear has evolved, today Vans have lot of fame around the world. If you also like this brand, you can enjoy a screensaver with amazing skateboard tricks.

In this screensaver there are some skaters performing tricks with Vans sneakers, footwear brand original from California that was created in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, whose gives the name to the brand. In the video you will see different skaters doing tricks on the street, using the furniture for their sport, as grind railings, jumping benches and seats or sliding down the ramps in their path. Skateboarding is an urban sport in which an athlete called skater glides on his table or skateboard and performing stunts, most of them by jumping or turning the table in the air. We can see different types of tricks, like grinds, which is slide the board over any kind of rail as a curb, a railing or similar, flip tricks, when the skateboard rotates on itself, or grab-type tricks, which is to grab the table with his hand while in the air. This free screensaver is specially dedicated to all those who like urban fashion and also are fans of skateboarding or any other extreme sport discipline or urban, as BMX, kite surfing, motocross freestyle or any freestyle sport, consisting in doing pirouettes or tricks.. Download the screensaver of Vans clicking on the button «Download», it's a free service of Gifmania. This screensaver is part of the thematic collection of Sports, because they are organized so that it's easier for you to get here if you are a great fan of Sports, the downloads are free and this screensaver has been downloaded 853 times, which means that it's very popular. This is a safe product, and it will help you protect your computer because it is completely free and reliable. This screensaver has a rating of 7 by the users that have downloaded it and it's part of our collection from the 2013-06-11 16:06:28, day in which it was included on our data base. We hope you enjoy it and that it helps you protect your Windows operating system computer. This screensaver in English is free, belongs to the category: Sports. It is a software Gifmania so you can trust their quality. Is the version 1.0 of product is available for operating systems Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 98 SE Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 . Animated screensaver Vans of Sports to download for free and take care of your screen with the screensaver. ✔ Like?

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