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We believe that sport is any physical activity that involves a series of rules or standards to follow and that is played within a space or area (tennis, playground, tennis, table, etc.) associated with the sporting two player or multiplayer teams. The major sports are those sports competitions are held during the Olympic Games, the Olympics are the pinnacle of the sport and where they elite athletes worldwide. Every country in the world compete to see who are the best and who earn more gold, silver and bronze trophies or earn more sports. Exieten many modalities as team or individual sports, refers to a competitive physical activity, as activities based in physical athleticism or physical dexterity.

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Sports can be classified in: Water Sports, aircraft, animal, adventure, racing, sliding, equipment, strength, winter, launch of struggle, mountain, engine, ball, beach racket and paddle, shooting, extreme individual mental Olympians, Paralympians, etc.. In almost anything humans can compete with each other to prove who we are stronger, more strength, more speed, more skill or work better coordinated, that is the basis of competitions. Football is the most popular in the world, although there are some practices that are known in the world, such as tennis, golf, skiing, snowboarding, basketball, baseball, skating, rugby, cycling, hockey and others, in which each country has their idols and their champions. Fans are fans that go with each team or athlete and follows and supports. The competitors or participants of disciplines and competitions are often seen as people who are models of the positive and the good, in the case of the Olympians even as heroes. Fair play or Sportsmanship.