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Throughout the year we have a whole calendar of parties, social events that help us relate to others, or give us a break from work. We have many kinds of estivos days in the year as national holidays, which are held nationwide, when all the country celebrates the day as Independence Day or similar. Family parties are those that are dedicated to our family members, such as Father's Day or Mother's Day. Religious festivals dedicated to God.

Screensavers of Public Holidays

public holidays Screensavers

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Celebrations as social rituals, to help us relate to others, whether within the family, in our city and across our country. Celebration of events or special events such as national or religious holidays day dedicated to our God or saints. The family is the cornerstone of our society, the most important together, so we have to celebrate and we have several times in the year dedicated to them. Celebrations are those dedicated to the saints of our city. Ecology has taken very important and now we have special days in the year which are dedicated to caring for the environment, for everyone's awareness on what the situation on the planet. Birthday is the most important holiday of every person in the year, as it marks the birth and that a year more, we give gifts and have a cake. Commemorations. Each country has its own national celebrations. There are countries whose global celebration has become like St. Patrick's Day, which since Ireland has reached around the world or the Oktoberfest from Germany.