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The cinema is one of the means of entertainment in the world, we all love to go to a cinema to watch new releases, is a social ritual. The filmography is the science that is responsible for making these media on the number of professionals involved, from film directors, actors, producers, screenwriters, casting, makeup, etc. until the project comes to fruition. The Film industry is a very important for some countries, especially the United States with American films are usually blockbusters, with big budgets and special effects, but every country has their production to suit local tastes. They are very famous Bollywood musical productions in India with plots of impossible love and success of good versus evil. The most famous film producers sun the American world, with major film studios like DreamWorks, Miramax, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Gaumont, 20th Century Fox, New Line, Paramount, RKO, TriStar, Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

Screensavers of Movies

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