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The screensaver of our website are a great way to customize your computer, but also a way to bring the memory events that marked society. This is our way to pay tribute to all the victims of the attacks of March 11, 2004 in Madrid, known as the 11-M. Each March 11 numerous memorials and tributes in many places in Madrid events occur, but also throughout the country, and even beyond its borders. If you want, you can with this screensaver solidarizarte you too.

The train bombings of March 11, 2004 took place in different parts of the suburban train network of Madrid, some near the Atocha station. There were 10 explosions were detonated almost simultaneously on four trains. Because it was in rush hour being 07:30 to 07:40 am, became the second major bombing happened in Europe with the shocking figures of 191 dead and 1858. Although at first authorship was attributed to the terrorist group ETA, was later discovered that the perpetrators were members of a jihadist cell. Out of Spain, this event had a great impact. Parliament established the “Day of the victims of terrorism” on March 11. Spain supported the United States to find those responsible. In all European countries different expressions of support and solidarity were performed.. Download the screensaver of 11-M Tribute clicking on the button «Download», it's a free service of Gifmania. This screensaver is part of the thematic collection of All Sorts, because they are organized so that it's easier for you to get here if you are a great fan of All Sorts, the downloads are free and this screensaver has been downloaded 443 times, which means that it's very popular. This is a safe product, and it will help you protect your computer because it is completely free and reliable. This screensaver has a rating of 8 by the users that have downloaded it and it's part of our collection from the 2014-03-11 09:03:40, day in which it was included on our data base. We hope you enjoy it and that it helps you protect your Windows operating system computer. This screensaver in English is free, belongs to the category: All Sorts. It is a software Gifmania so you can trust their quality. Is the version 1.0 of product is available for operating systems Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 98 SE Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 . Animated screensaver 11-M Tribute of All Sorts to download for free and take care of your screen with the screensaver. ✔ Like?

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