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Our world is full of color thanks to the nature within it have flowers as the origin of the colors and then the plants that give us food and oxygen to breathe. We call the set of all plant vegetal beings living on the planet. Plant Screensavers, for nature lovers. In biology, it is called the living plants that do not move and do photosynthesis, so tend to be green and have leaves, although there are a variety of views and types of plants. The flowers are more colorful element plants. Do you like?

Screensavers of Flowers

flowers Screensavers

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Do you like flowers? They are the most beautiful creatures of nature, always full of color and aromas. Botany is the science of plants. Keep in mind certain terms relating to botany: flower, germination, sprout, egg, vegetable, tree, shrub, bush, plant, garden, orchard, park, parterre, rose garden, orchard, greenhouse, oasis, houseplant, ornamental plant, field, meadow, prairie, meadow, natural, flora, grass, seed or bulb. Ecosystem is the set of beings, whether plants or animals that live in an environment. The gardens or urban parks are places where we can have plants, trees and flowers closer. We like to grow in our own house, we are all gardeners and we have some pots at home with plants like cactus or well-known species such as roses, daisies, tulips, gerberas, lilies and others that we can buy in flower shops. Trees are the largest plants in the world, can measure tens of meters and live for hundreds of years. The bouquets are gifts that most women usually appreciate. Horticulture is the science that deals with the care of these beings and their integration into our livelihood.