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Do you believe in magic? Do you like fairy tales? In this category you will find the best screensaver mythology, fantastic animals, mythological creatures and incredible creatures. All characters in mythology and legends as fairies, wizards, the witches, dragons, elves and other magical beings. Fantastic animals like unicorns and Pegasus, born of human imagination. In this category you will find the best screensavers of fantasy, mythology, fantastic animals and incredible creatures, all in free screensaver. If you like fantasy creatures screensavers, browse this category and discover them.

Screensavers of Fantasy

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Human beings have magic legends to fill the world, we believe in magical beings living in forests, in the sea or in the sky. We need to believe that magic and fantasy in the world, so we have fantastic animals and other beings that we even religion. The things we can not explain we give a touch of mysticism with belief in supernatural beings and fantastic. If you like screensavers of fantastic creatures, navigating this category and see the most fantastic creatures. All cultures have their legends and stories, each village had its legendary characters filled them with fear or hope. Beings that live in the forests, in the mountains or in caves, we give magic to nature and the world around us. Supernatural or magical powers of witches, wizards and witches that scare us, but also have their charm and stories of these people have very original. Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena. Stories help us understand the world and give teachings and education tend to see the world or moral teachings. Take place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures are common.