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Hot air balloons are propelled aircraft do not have and which are kept in the air because the air is a fluid heavier than air into the balloon, which has a mass of gas within lighter than air. There are hot air balloons flights for passengers, especially at tourist sites and there are competitions in many countries of this type of transport is very ornate. Hot Air Balloon or gas. Not reach high speeds these aircraft, but they can reach great heights. Balloon flights for thrill enthusiasts. Hot air balloons. helium balloons.A balloon is a type of aircraft that remains aloft due to its buoyancy. Rozière balloons.

Screensavers of Balloons

balloons Screensavers

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The most colorful and playful are colored inflatable balloons, which are typical of festivals and celebrations that are very striking. Inflatable balloons are a toy that is usually put on birthdays, made ​​of rubber filled with air or gas, are very decorative. 3D animated balloons. The balloons are inflated with air, blowing or gas bottles. They may have funny figures shaped like children like cartoon characters or TV series, are typical in children's parties and birthdays. The balloons are sold individually or in assorted bags of many colors. Balloon twisting is the art of making balloon figures made to look like animals or funny characters. Today it is made ​​of latex, that are biodegradable and non-polluting. They are also a key element related to the decoration during the holidays. A popular game among children is to fill water balloons and throw them against each other to blow them up in your body, are the wars of balloons.