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The animals are the set of most important living beings living on planet earth, that are most affecting the ecosystem and have more variety. Living things can be plants, but the fauna is the most diverse and large group of people. There are millions of species, known and unknown, have wild animals such as tigers, lions, snakes, crocodiles, bears, sharks, spiders, etc.. There are pets that we have learned to live with us, like dogs, cats, cows, chickens, ducks, birds, etc on farms or in homes. Marine animals are living in the ocean water as whales, fish, dolphins, etc.. There are reptiles that can have warm blood or cold blood be as turtles, lizards, frogs, etc.. There are insects such as bees, flies, mosquitoes, beetles, etc.. There are mammals that are born from the womb of the mother and feed on milk such as elephants, rhinos, gazelles, deer, goats, sheep, pigs, etc..

Screensavers of Animals

animals Screensavers

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Screensavers of wildlife living beings are animated. Pets are animals that live with us in our environment, but they do not serve to feed or use as feedstock. Our pets are the ones that keep us company and live with us in our homes as dogs or cats, we also have other pets such as rabbits, parrots, ferrets and other exotic species. There are words with derogatory to refer to them as beast, beast or vermin. There are wild and endangered by the human being has been dedicated to hunting or destroyed ecosystems and it\'s a shame to lose these zoological species and variety. According to your body, can be also vertebrates and invertebrates. Depending on which to feed, we call them omnivores, viviparous, vegetarians, carnivores, etc.. It is important to educate ourselves as children to respect and care for nature, because it is the medium in which we have to live, so I installed one of these screensavers to remind you how important your contribution to the environment. Do you have a pet? If you ever had a back like sure you have that in your life when you see your computer monitor or computer.