Free screensavers in 3D to download for Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, etc

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Free 3d screensavers

Screensavers are programs that protect your computer. If your monitor stays turned on for a long time it will break soon, pixels will burn. These programs animate your Windows computer and make it funnier. You can download them safely and they all are free.

Animated screensavers

Forest fairies screensaver

We recommend… Our recommended screensaver today: Forest Fairies

With this free awesome 3D animated screensaver yo get a forest with lots of fairies. The lake is surrounded by flowers and trees, while a cupid statue watches the shore of the pond. The fairies are passing through the scenario moving their wands to make the flowers bloomm, make it rain or bring up the rainbow. If you like colorful screensavers, this one is for you. If you like it, share on the social networks so that everybody knows what you are up to!

Free screensavers



We have 3564 screensavers available for download and have had and the amount of 5.452.941 downloaded files. Don't we have the screensaver you are looking for? You can ask for the one you want by just writing on our Facebook, Google + or Twitter sites.

Windows 8 & 10 Screensavers

Characters on your desktop

Transparent screensavers are those in which objects, characters or elements of a wide variety of topics will appear on your desktop without hiding the task you are doing at that moment. Here you will find the widest range of this and many more types of files to download, without registration and completely free.



No matter the topics you like, we have the animation you are looking for. Thousands of screensavers of all types are waiting for you in our great data base. And remember that, if you haven't found the file you like, you can ask for it on the social networks. All are compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista and other operating systems.

The latest screensavers

Flag of singapore


In this screensaver of the flag of the Republic of Singapore, with waves that move slowly in a relaxed way. The national flag of Singapore contains five stars representing country ideals of equality, progress, justice, peace and democracy. The crescent represents a country in constant growth. As you can see it consists of two stripes, a top red and another white. If you have an special feeling for this nation, we offer this screensaver to personalize your computer.

Flag of south africa


Do you want a screensaver representing the Republic of South Africa? Here's an animation of the South African flag moving in the wind. This flag is depicted with many colors like red, white, blue, black, yellow and green. This consists of two red and blue horizontal stripes and in the center is a "Y" horizontal green with white edges and a black and yellow triangle. The letter Y represents the union of the horizontal areas in the same country. If you're South African and you want your monitor representing your country, download this animation.

Flag of sweden


Animation of the Swedish flag representing the Scandinavian country of Sweden. This flag is represented with a yellow cross on a blue background. The color blue symbolizes truth and the yellow is generosity, these colors come from the colors of the national emblem. This flag was adopted in 1563, but was not approved until 1982. There are other versions and designs. If you want to decorate your computer with this yellow Nordic cross on blue, download this free animated of the Sweden national flag.

Flag of switzerland


The famous red square flag with a white cross in the middle represents the nation of Switzerland. In this screensaver highlight the red and white colors that represent this country. It was in the nineteenth century when the famous white cross on a red background became its flag. The Swiss national flag represents the flag of the Swiss Confederation. If you want to decorate your computer and feel your patriotic spirit, you can download this animation of a red flag with a white cross.

Flag of united kingdom


The flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is a white bordered red cross on a blue field with a white bordered red X. This current design comes from the year 1801. It is made of the red cross of Saint George and the Cross of Saint Patrick, patrons of England and Ireland, respectively, on top of the Saltire of Saint Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. If you are British, or simply love what this flag represents, then you must have this screensaver and share it with your friends and family over Facebook, Twitter and every social network you can!